Selectively Installed Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

In this field our company has the ability, after consultation with your responsible department, to provide you with answers on your laboratory about questions which make it easy to take a decision if answered or on the contrary make it difficult if left unanswered.


  • Minimum requirement space 
  • Basement or floor base 
  • In the city center or in the suburbs
  • 5/3 parts deferential hematology analyzer
  • Random access or not biochemistry analyzer
  • Reagent’s open or closed biochemistry analyzer
  • Self-cleaning cuvettes or not 
  • Biochemistry analyzer with/out ISE
  • Sale back initial equipment
  • Central UPS or not
  • External QC
  • ISO Needed or not
  • Focal points for renting the appropriate lab
  • Athens or else where 
  • With or without EOPPY
  • Private or Civil Sector
  • Funding ability
  • Two years warranty for hematology analyzers